All you need to know about organic wine

About this organic wine website

Why we set up this website

There are several reasons why we set up this website about organic wines.

To teach and inform

The first reason is to educate. There are so many terms regarding organic wines, it can be hard to work out exactly what you are buying. For example, does the word organic on the bottle mean exactly that? What is the difference between organic wine, and wine that is labelled as being 100% organic.

We feel the whole business can confuse people so much that we may not bother buying organic wines, because we don’t really know what we are buying.

We love organic wine

We love wine, and we especially love organic wines. There are some amazing wines out there and everyone should try them. Once you’ve tried organic wine, you won’t want to go back. Many people believe that organic wines are overly expensive, and while they do tend to be a little pricier than some other bottles of wine, the quality is far superior and the taste is amazing. I’d much rather have one glass of organic wine than an entire bottle of standard wine. Organic wine tends to last longer as it’s so delicious, you want to savour it.

It’s helps protect the planet

Encouraging more people to go organic, really helps to protect our planet and keep our soils safe for growing crops for future generations. Pesticides and fungicides used in crop growth can easily get into the water system, and these toxins in the water can build up. Water is vital for all life of earth, but who knows what will happen if we keep putting harmful chemicals in our water system? By buying organic wine, you’re supporting organic farmers and making growing organic a feasible and profitable business. Keep the organic farms in business and you’re doing your bit for the environment.

Looking after your health

While we tend not to associate the drinking of alcohol with good health, there are actually a lot of health benefits from drinking wine in moderation, especially red wine. When you opt for organic wine, you’re getting a wine without the harmful additives, so you’re getting all the benefits of drinking wine, without the harmful effects.