All you need to know about organic wine

About the Benefits of organic wine

Drinking organic red wine can lower your risks of cancer

Organic red wine contains something called resveratrol. It is this compound that can starve cancer cells, killing them or slowing their growth. It is believed that resveratrol counters the cell damage caused by alcohol too, so organic red wine is the best choice when you’re choosing an alcoholic beverage to drink.

Organic wine can combat depression

Feeling down? Many of us feel tempted to drink when we are feeling blue, but resist because we know we shouldn’t rely on alcohol to cheer us up, But, the occasional glass of red wine could actually be of benefit according to recent research.

Drink organic wine if you’re on a diet

When you drink red wine, your body will convert the resveratrol into piceatannol. This binds to fat cells and also helps to regulate blood sugar levels which in turn help to suppress your appetite. A glass of red wine with your meal could actually mean you consume less calories during the meal.

You could prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease by drinking organic wine

The Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Disorders Center have been looking into the effects of red wine on mental function and there have been some very positive results. The resveratrol in red wine helps to slow the formation of a particular protein that causes the plaque within the brain of people with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Drinking red wine could help you cut down on dentist treatment

A recent study suggests that red wine could help to fight cavities just as much as water with fluoride in it but without the potentially harmful side effects. While we wouldn’t suggest using red wine as a mouth wash in the morning, unless you want your colleagues to think you are an alcoholic, a glass on an evening could help to reduce those visits to the dentist.

Organic wines can help to lower cholesterol levels

High levels of cholesterol in the blood stream are linked to heart disease, heart attack and strokes. Organic red wines are high in fibre and can help to reduce the levels of LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol in the blood stream.

Organic wine can even cure acne!

The antioxidants in red wine have anti-bacterial properties, this can really help keep your skin in good condition and minimise breakouts if you are prone to acne.