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The best biodynamic white wines

Biodynamic wines are made with love, care and attention and this shows through in the aroma and flavour. We’ve picked out some of our favourite biodynamic white wines for you to try and see if you can tell the difference between standard wine and biodynamic wine.

Viento Alisio Viogner

This is the perfect wine to accompany a flavourful Asian dish such as a curry. It’s full of floral flavours such as magnolia and honeysuckle, and you’ll also get peach in there too. It’s so delicious and reminds you instantly of a summer’s day.

Pecorino Civitas Lunaria

This wine is something special. If you’re looking for a wine that is truly natural, you can put your faith in Pecorino Civitas Lunaria as it has been designated ‘Demeter’ biodynamic. That means it is 100% naturally made. This gentle wine goes well with chicken and fish or rice dishes. It’s full of fruity flavours and you’ll notice orange blossom too.

Pfalz Riesling Trocken A. Christmann

This acidic wine has a mineral taste and is very refreshing. The first thing you will notice is the scent of white flowers, followed by lime, apples and pears. It’s a dry wine that’s delightful drunk on its own, but also very nice with lighter meals such as chicken or salads.

Xarello Silencis Raventos I Blanc

You may be familiar with Raventos’ sparking wines, and this still version is also very good and won’t disappoint. It’s a beautiful golden colour and looks amazing in glasses on the table when you serve it up at a dinner party. Biodynamic farming has really transformed this vineyard, and the wines have been going from strength to strength. This particular offering is slightly salty, with a chalky finish. You’ll taste notes of pear, citrus fruits, apple and white pepper.

Saumer Blanc Insolite Domaine Des Roches Neuves

You’re never disappointed with a wine from Domaine Des Roches Neuves and this is no exception. The grapes are grown on 85 year old vines. The acidity levels are just perfect and you’ll love the fruity flavours, packed full with pears and pineapple. There’s also an essence of honey in there so it has a slight sweetness to it, making it perfect with both sweet and savoury dishes.