Yellow+Blue Wines


Yellow+Blue organic wines are shipped responsibly and packaged smarter — we’re talking 93% wine and 7% packaging — for a low impact on the environment and high impact on the palate.
Glass, cork, labels, fuel, pesticides, chemicals… it all adds up.
Transportation is a giant contributor to wine’s overall carbon footprint, and it is here that Yellow+Blue takes a step in the right direction. We purchase wine from the wine makers before it’s bottled. We ship it in bulk via insulated steel tanks to North America, where the cartons are filled and then distributed.
Pablo Paster, an energy and sustainability consultant, has helped to create a carbon footprint calculator specifically for the wine business. Pablo crunched some numbers for us so we could compare our greenhouse gas emissions against those of a more traditional wine business model. Our carbon footprint turned out to be almost half the size (54%) of the traditional model.