Yellow+Blue Wines


So. What’s with the box? First let’s cover what the box is and isn’t. It’s not a gimmick to get you to buy our wine. It is different from a bottle, and it preserves wine every bit as well as a bottle. But — it isn’t exactly a box.

It’s called a Tetra Pak.  Stuff that has to stay fresh will stay fresh in a Tetra Pak. And that includes wine.

The Tetra Pak wine cartons are not a new concept. All across Europe, Canada, and South America — even in wine-passionate places like Italy and Argentina — Tetra Paks have been embraced for their environmental friendliness, their portability, and their practicality.

Because when it comes down to it, there is no difference between packaging wine in a Tetra Pak and putting wine in a bottle. It’s true. No magic potion or formula that makes bottled wine better. No secret rituals in the vineyard or winery. No difference at all.

Consider: A case of wine in glass weighs 40 pounds and holds 9 liters of wine — close to 50% wine and 50% packaging. A case of Yellow+Blue weighs 26 pounds and holds 12 liters of certified organic wine. That’s 93% wine and 7% packaging.

Bottom line? More fabulous wine for less. Not bad.

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