All you need to know about organic wine

How to choose the healthiest wine

A healthy eating regime often excludes a glass of wine, but we all need a treat now and again don’t we? There’s no need to give up the wine entirely if it’s something you really enjoy, like all treats, you can still indulge occasionally, it’s all a matter of making the best choices and drinking in moderation of course.

Look for sugar free wines

One of the main problems with regards to wine, especially for anyone who is watching their weight, is the fact that most wines are very high in sugars. Of course we all know that sugar is bad for us, and especially bad for our waistline, so does this put wine off the menu? Thankfully, no! Just look for wines that are sugar free! When wine is left to ferment fully, every last grain of sugar turns to alcohol. As long as no additional sugar is added to create a sweeter taste, what you are left with is sugar free wine!

Opt for a lower alcohol wine

You know alcohol is toxic, and can have some highly adverse effects on our health. However, a certain amount of alcohol can have some benefits. It can raise our mood, it can help us feel less anxious and it can increase our enjoyment of certain social situations. Too much alcohol though, and you can bypass all the advantages and simply be left feeling out of control, depressed and ill. Wines are available in a wide range of alcohol levels, so you can pick one out that will work well for you. If you’re only having one glass with a meal, then a wine with a higher alcohol level will probably be fine as long as you are not driving, but, if you are having a night in with the girls and you have a sneaky feeling you’ll be opening a bottle or two, then a lower alcohol wine could really help save you from that dreaded hangover the next day.

Avoid the additives

There are literally hundreds of additives that can be put into the wine we drink. Any one of us could be allergic to one of the additives. So for the healthiest option. Go for a wine that is free from additives.